Celeste Buckingham teaching English at schools

Celeste Buckingham teaching English at schools I

In Cooperation withimages the European Union, Celeste Buckingham visits a number of schools in various rural areas to encourage students to learn English as a second language of communication. A common language communication. Using a common, auxiliary language can be a means of better communication and foster unity amongst people of different nationlities. In addition, it will make the young generaltion more capable of taking advantage of technology and the wealth of information that is the generation’s valuabel asset. The charismatic young artist, uses her popularity to reach out to students, encourages them to prctice and not be shy or discouraged, she uses her lyrics that are very popular amongst the young people and even goes to classrooms and plays teacher for the day. At the end of the day, she and her band give a concert at the school. How exciting is that? Wouldn’t you like to be in those classrooms too?      Watch Video