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Songwriter of the Year : Celeste Buckingham

Celeste Buckingham receives the award for Songwriter of the Year in Slovakia, on September 28th.

Born in Switzerland to an American father and Swiss mother, Celeste Buckingham rose to international recognition on the program SuperStar, indisputably solidifying her status as a pop star in Eastern Europe where she grew up. Her full-length debut, Don’t Look Back [EMI Czech Republic], yielded the Top 10 single “Run Run Run”, which even garnered the honor of “Best Czech & Slovak Act” at the MTV Europe Music Awards.

Celeste is continuously evolving and pushing herself further musically. she has released five albums and a large number of singles and soundtracks. Flaunting true individuality and an inimitable presence, she captures the attention of fans and tastemakers alike via her soulful delivery and impeccable vocal. Ultimately though, the best way to meet Celeste is through her music. “I am a songwriter first and foremost,” she declares. “I live the song, and every single piece is like a story or a movie. I develop a relationship to it, and I like to write about subjects that are important to me, my friends, and other young people out there. Music is a ladder for the soul. It should have content, meaning, and beauty.”

Celeste Buckingham also remains dedicated to numerous philanthropic and charitable pursuits. Her track “Nobody Knows” benefited children with Autism, while the video for “I’m Not Sorry” spoke out against discrimination towards women. She also takes time to work with The Boys And Girls Club of America as well as

Celeste stands poised to make a very big impact and could very well change pop music in the process. Let’s see what she has in store for her fans in the upcoming album to be released in November 2017. More info about her at

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