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President Kiska Celebrates International Women's Day with 10 Women at a palace luncheon.

Celeste Buckingham was amongst the ten women who were invited by the county's leader, President Andrej Kiska to celebrate International women's day at the presidential palace.

Speaking to the president, as a Slovak citizen who has her roots in other countries, Celeste said ," I use my fame and influence to open the dialogue to important social issue," and "I am sorry when I see the negative sentiment raised against people from other countries," ... " They are not a deficit but an advantage to this country and exert to contribute to the society in a positive way."

Other women present at the luncheon were Holocaust survivor Herta Vysna, writer Eva Bacigalova, former Paralympic athlete Lenka Cenigova Gajarska, dancer and actress Mara Lukama, teacher of Roma pupils Monika Podolinska, adoptive mother Dana Sudorova and nun Monika Skalova.

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