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Celeste Buckingham: We are co-responsible for the lives of those who make the products that we consu

An ambassador for Fair-Trade, the international artist and philanthropist explained in a TV interview, “This project is very close to my heart, I try to live consciously of what and how much I consume, and weigh the consequences of my consumption choices and its impact on the environment but also on people who produce these goods for us.

“ I try to recycle, reuse, and definitely use less and less plastic, and I'd like to ask others to join me. But importantly, I also want to be aware and make others aware of the effect of our consumption patterns on the lives of millions of other people. That’s why I am representing fair-trade. Goods produced in developing or third-world countries and distributed and sold by big corporations in developed nations, are often produced by underpaid workers, in many cases underage children and in unhealthy and unsafe working conditions at very low cost, and sold at much higher prices only to make the corporation a large profit. Purchasing products that are distributed under the banner of Fair-trade is an effort to protect those who work in the production of those goods, whose rights are often undermined or violated by large corporations that monetize their products and pay them much less than they deserve.”

About the importance of this project and the significance of more people getting involved, Celeste pointed out that this is a question of human rights and added that “People have the right to safe working condition and fair compensation for their work. Children have the right to play and learn and grow, but instead they become victims of child labor. Even if some countries may still have inefficient laws that allow corporations to do this, it is unethical, inhumane and morally unacceptable. Fortunately, we as people can make a difference by changing our consumption choices and patterns, and specifically, purchasing products which the rights of other humans, especially children were not violated. I invite everyone to please take some time and think and learn more about this issue and see how you can contribute to the protection of those who produce goods that we use.

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