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Celeste Buckingham at the Sziget Festival this August

Celeste will be performing at one of the major European festivals this summer. The announcement came in the words of her manager, Lumir Mati, who sounds very proud. See his posting in Slovak and Englsih.

and looking forward to seeing the fans at the Festival, on August 12th.

Čo k tomu napísať? Jednoducho splnený umelecký a menežérsky sen😊. Prežili sme a dokázali toho spolu za tých 7-8 rokov dosť. Hity, rádiá, koncerty, klipy, reklamy, charity, televízie, nominácie, ocenenia a víťazstvá v rôznych cenách a anketách na Slovensku, v Čechách a vo svete. Ale i pumpy, letiská, desaťtisíce kilometrov na cestách, prebdené noci a víkendy, víťazstvá, prehry, radosť, smútok, neuveriteľné a krásne okamihy i frustrácie a vyčerpanie zaplatené zdravím. Kopa práce, zážitkov i splnené sny. Toto je jeden z nich. Pre umelca i pre menežéra. Budeme sa na vás tešiť 12.8.2019 spolu s Celeste a chlapcami z King Shaolin. Sziget Festival Official @Sziget festival Slovensko

Celeste & King Shaolin 12.8.19 Sziget Festival!

What can I write? Simply another fulfilled dream for an artist and her manager 😊.

We survived and managed plenty together in the last 7 years. Hits, radios, concerts, clips, ads, charities, Television, nominations, awards and victories in different competitions and polls in Slovakia, in bohemia and in the world. Nor forgetting a lot of gas stations, airports, tens of thousands of miles on the roads, working nights and weekends, victories, losses, joy, sadness, incredible and beautiful moments and frustration and exhaustion that sometimes cost us our health. Lots of work, experiences and fulfilled dreams. This is one of them! For Artist and for manager. We will look forward to seeing you on 12.8.2019 together with Celeste and her band, the boys from King Shaolin. Sziget Festival Cz@Sziget Festival

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