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Forbes TOP Covers: Celeste Buckingham Speaks Show-business

Top Covers, an event on which fifty personalities from Forbes headlined on Monday, produced an diverse gathering with interesting discussions.

Amongst the panel participants was the American- Slovak artist Celeste Buckingham who spoke on the topic of Show & Business, i.e. the business of show-business. The artist who has been active on both sides of the Atlantic and has a good overview of an artists’l life and show-business on both sides and can draw parallels and differences, ended her talk with this statement: “It is important that an artist, when starting her career, regardless of whether she has only three fans or 300million fans, to be aware of who she is and what she is representing. There will always be thousands of more talented and capable artist, but one must know her own Identity, what one stands for, who one is, and build upon that entity. I have recognized my own brand and have been building up my business upon it. It is important to know who you are. “

Earlier this year, Celeste Buckingham was selected by Forbes as one of the 30 UNDER 30 and appeared on the cover of the magazine.

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