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Europe’s Pop Princess takes time off Show-Business to volunteer teaching!

Celeste Buckingham who is often referred to as Europe’s Pop Princess, is a rare talent. Blending urban flavors and rock sounds, the certified platinum artist and MTV Award winner, already had a smash hit at seventeen with “Run, Run, Run,” receiving 20-million-plus views. The Billboard Top40 diva was the youngest X-Factor judge and now as a 22 year old, she was designated one of the 30 under 30 by Forbes Magazine.

Celeste Buckingham can be categorized from Pop to Alternative, her music includes organic instrumentation, electronic beats, catchy rhythms, and haunting melodies. While her songs have powerful themes and metaphors woven in between the banging beats and electrifying vocals. Unlike many artists today, Celeste Buckingham is passionate about the words she sings, giving them actual meaning.

But Celeste Buckingham is not only well known for her musical talent, but also for her philanthropic work and her dedication to social causes. She uses her celbrity status and her possibilities to create opprotuntieis for those who are less privileged.

Celeste who is passionate about children, has now taken a break from her hectic musical career to join what she calls, an “enlightening experience!” This time she has chosent to travel to a remote region of the Northern Maine in the United States where she initially expected to work with Native American children and Youth but got to work with a number of other schools and groups as well.

Buckingham is volunteering as an assistant teacher at different schools and preschools in Aroostook Country, with organizing effort of ACAP (Aroostok County Action Program), Carlton Project and other organizations. She says she was privileged to work with students of all ages from preschool to middle and highschool.

Celeste Buckingham who has also been awarded the designation “30 Under 30" by Forbes Magazine, will finalize her break by attending the Forbes Global Congress for 30 Under 30 at the end of her volunteering period.

Meanwhile, Celeste continues to enjoy her work with children and youth. “It has been an enlightening experience, and I have enjoyed my time working with kids of all ages.” said Buckingham in a phone call, and that she looked forward to volunteering again and hoped to be of service.”

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