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Celeste Buckingham's New Single: IMMATURE!

Celeste Buckingham is back with her sultry revenge vocals in her newest musical offering, Immature. The song comes off of her powerful most recent album release BARE, and is a testament to her vocal prowess and her creative addictive charm. Immature tells of the pain and frustration that comes with an immature partner, someone who cannot admit to their emotions and cannot or will not convey out loud and with every note and melodic spin, Celeste sends a clear message. The pop powerhouse navigates the rhythms of her new song with a carefree energy that is infectious to the ears. The music video to this critical song is a reflection of an experience that many young women can relate to. The portrayal of the betrayal by her bad boy partner is one many girls will be nodding their heads to in agreement. Celeste has once again shown her creative chops with this audiovisual experience, one that many can relate to, but few can bring to life.


Youtube Video:



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